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Get Your Car AC Repair Done Before Summer

The weather is finally warming up, and now is the time to ensure that your car AC is working and ready for summer. While other people associate New England with cold weather, those of us who live here know how hot it can get in the summer. If you have ever had to suffer through a summer with a broken AC, you know that rolling down the windows only does so much. So to avoid sweltering while you sit in traffic, come to Matrix Autoworks to get your car AC repair taken care of before it’s a problem.

Let’s take a look at the high-pressure parts that can break and require a car AC repair.



So it’s not strictly speaking a part, but refrigerant is the first step in the car’s AC system. “Recharging” the AC means refilling or replacing the refrigerant. Most modern vehicles use the refrigerant gas R134A, commonly called Freon. Cars manufactured before about 1994 often used R12 refrigerant. R12 is now banned in the U.S. because it is a pollutant, so if your car is designed to use R12, it will have to be retrofitted to use R134A.



The compressor is a pump attached to the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt runs through several other systems, too, so if that breaks, you’ll have a bigger problem than just a broken AC. The compressor, as you might expect, compresses the refrigerant before it moves on to the condenser.



The condenser is where the cooling process really begins. When the refrigerant gas is compressed, it becomes very hot. It cools down when it passes through the condenser, which condenses the hot gas into a cool liquid. This process occurs as outside air passes over a series of coils which pulls heat out of the compressed gas and condenses it into a liquid. Cars typically have either a parallel or a serpentine style condenser.



The last stage of the high-pressure portion of your car’s AC is the receiver-drier. Water can get into the refrigerant as it passes through the compressor and the condenser. If it stays it can form ice crystals and damage the entire AC system. The receiver-drier is a reservoir that contains a desiccant that attracts and draws the water out of the refrigerant before the low-pressure parts of the AC system take over and blow cold air into the cabin of your car.

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Car AC Repair at Matrix Autoworks

Now, we all know that your car’s AC system is more complicated than what we’ve just outlined. And we didn’t even get into the low-pressure parts. But when it comes to car AC repair, most drivers are more concerned about whether the AC works than how it works. Are you and your car ready for summer? Bring it to Matrix Autoworks if you need car AC repair.


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