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Oil Change Near Me: Change Your Oil On Time

Don’t Forget about your car’s health! Here are a few reasons why your vehicle needs on-time oil changes!

While we understand that car health may be the last thing on your mind, you should never forget an oil change! We all have obligations: family, work, general life responsibilities. And then the service light turns on: You’re due for an oil change. While the car experts say you shouldn’t get your oil changed more frequently than every 3,000 miles (approximately three months), that doesn’t mean you should ignore the service light!

Here’s why you should always get your oil changed on time.

Car Health

Your car is a machine, and machines require oil to prolong their health! Oil is a lubricant that protects the moving parts of your car’s engine. If the oil is changed at regular intervals, it is one of the most economical ways to ensure reliability and peak performance from your car. Forgetting to change the oil can affect your car’s health in various ways, costing you time and money.


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We Pour Performance

Not only does oil provide lubrication for the mechanical parts in your engine, but oil also keeps your car’s engine clean. Harmful additives and detergents transport debris into the car’s fuel filter (replaced during an oil change). Even if you have a clean filter, it can eventually become clogged. This dirt and debris circulate back through the engine. Why is this an issue? While smooth, clean oil will eventually become dirty, old oil that hasn’t been changed in months forces your car to work much harder, leading to a variety of issues:


  • Less power and torque from your engine.
  • Gas-guzzler! Your car will burn more gas due to a dirty engine.
  • Moving parts may get damaged as they fight to move through the dirt and sludge.


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Engine Failure

If you ignore that service light long enough, it could eventually cost your car. Because of dirty oil buildup, heat can’t be drawn from the engine. This can cause the engine to overheat and blow a gasket or seize up. This will force you directly to the side of the road! Fixing a blown gasket and having your car towed to a repair shop is both a costly and stressful scenario! Other issues may include:


  • Warped engine parts: metal grind metal due to a lack of oil lubricant.
  • Harmful emissions can be produced from dirty oil.


Finally, a seized engine usually has to be replaced, which can be costly! Don’t let the minor issue of finding an oil change add stress to your day! Our team can offer you professional recommendations for your car.

Oil Change Near Me: Nashua’s Top Team of Certified Auto Mechanics


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