Problems Caused by a Clogged Fuel Filter

Make sure to change your fuel filter every 30,000 miles to avoid it getting clogged. At our auto service shop, we can do this. Change the fuel filter to ensure fuel flows unrestricted from the pump to your engine. There are several problems that can happen to your SUV, car, or truck if your fuel filter becomes clogged.

Difficult to Start

Insufficient fuel can make it difficult for your cars to get started. Clogged fuel filters are one thing that can stop fuel from reaching the combustion chamber. Clogged injectors can make it hard to start your engine, as well. Either way, your engine will be difficult to start if there is a problem with the fuel making its way from the tank to the combustion chamber.

Failure to Run Efficiently

Even if the engine is able to start, it will not run efficiently without a steady supply fuel. Your engine will fail to start if the fuel filter becomes clogged. When the engine cuts out, you’ll hear it and feel the vehicle jerk. In addition, an inefficient engine will burn through the fuel more quickly and you will have to fill the tank more often until the fuel filter is replaced.

Rough Idling

This is especially evident when the engine sits at an idle. It is again unable to get enough fuel to continue combustion, so the engine will sometimes idle roughly. It is impossible to fix this problem without replacing the fuel filter. You need a steady supply of fuel to the combustion chamber for the engine to run at a normal idle.


Another problem that can result from a clogged fuel filters is a malfunctioning fuel pump. The pump has to work harder when fuel hits the filter clog. This can lead to your vehicle’s fuel tank whining because of fuel pump noises.

Failure of the Fuel Pump

This can also cause fuel pump motor failure by overheating. On average, a fuel pump lasts 100,000 miles. However, a fuel pumps that has a clogged fuel filter can cause premature failure and lead to it not lasting the full 100,000 miles.

If you experience any of the following problems with your vehicle, we would be happy to inspect it. We’d be pleased to inspect and replace the fuel filter if it is necessary. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We are here to help.

Photo by surakit sawangchit from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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